Observation and General Policies

The best opportunity to experience what our school offers is observing Saturday morning group classes. Observations are always free! Group classes are held twice monthly at St. James Episcopal Church, Potomac, MD, with our beginners starting at 8:30AM. Please email me for a schedule and for the possibility of observing individual lessons.

Click below for clips of our Winter ’14 Recital:

May Song

Puppet Show

Capitol City Strings (CCS) is a tuition-based education. Enrollment in lessons is a purchase of a teacher’s services and a reservation of a teacher’s time, as well as entitles the student to school membership and scheduled weekly individual lessons.

In addition to Individual Lessons, Group Lessons are included in the tuition for CCS. Attendance at group functions is required; please mark your calendars in the beginning of the year for these important dates. For young violinists in a Suzuki Program, participation in group lessons is an essential part of the student’s development. Students and parents both find group classes to be fun and motivating!

At least twice a year, every student will participate in masterclass lessons/workshops with another teacher at my studio. Dr. Timothy (Terry) Durbin is confirmed for March, 2019.

There will be 4 formal recitals scheduled each academic year (two solo performances and two group performances). Additionally, there will be several opportunities to participate in a run-out performance.

Occurring during the 10 weeks outside of the 42-week academic year, summer lessons may be scheduled by appointment between July 1 and August 30. Study during the summer offers a powerful opportunity to advance. Most students opt to take additional lessons in the summer by taking 2 or even 3 lessons a week. In order to allow greater flexibility during the summer months to accommodate summer activities and family vacations, all lessons will be scheduled by appointment only and billed monthly.

Please save the dates of the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute, which occurs during the last week of June and offers a fabulous internationally renowned faculty for our students.

Attendance in both group and solo recitals is mandatory. There are five reasons CCS students are required to attend:
1. Recitals are an important tradition along each young musician’s journey.
2. They provide an experience necessary for a child’s growth and self-confidence.
3. They build fellowship and give an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s achievements throughout the year.
4. They offer an un-pressured, encouraging environment and non-competitive atmosphere.
5. They are integral to the CCS curriculum and foster motivation towards goals.


Continual communication is a natural part of any educational endeavor. Open communication is strongly encouraged and appreciated between the student, parent, and teacher. Any conflicts or problems that may arise in the course of the semester should immediately be brought to my attention. I am easy to work with and always want to help!

Parent conferences without the student will be held in lieu of a lesson during the last scheduled sessions in December and in June. This time helps to give both the parent and teacher a chance to communicate each ones vision for the student and discuss how we are doing in terms of working towards this vision. Your child’s development–both musical and otherwise–is very important to me. These conferences help to make sure that the work we do each week and the daily work you do at home in regards to violin are helping to foster a healthy, happy and musical child. You will receive a questionnaire via email in order to help facilitate communication during this conference.

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